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A look at the shopIn the past decade, there has been a surge of interest in collecting kaleidoscopes. Fortunately, the number of artists creating high quality kaleidoscopes has grown to meet that need. We have built relationships with these artists, and today you can buy a kaleidoscope to fit any taste and any budget.

In our kaleidoscope gallery, you will find antique kaleidoscopes, collectable kaleidoscopes (we have many numbered or limited edition scopes), scopes of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a ceramic, stained glass, brass or wooden kaleidoscope, or something else entirely, you'll find one that calls to you among our unique selection.

Interiors include 2-mirror, 3-mirror, 4-mirror and variations of all kinds. Object cells may be dry or oil-filled and may contain gems, glass, watch parts, feathers, shells, LED lights, beads...we have them all!

Jan and Bobby standing in the corner of a store surrounded by kaleidoscopes and gifts. He is tall and she is shorter, they both have glasses, white hair, and warm, genuine smiles.The owners Jan and Bobby Boal are charter members of the national Kaleidoscope society, The Brewster Society, founded by Cozy Baker. They began collecting back when they owned a bed and breakfast inn, The Veranda, which hosted many regional meetings of the society as well as birthday parties for Cozy and other "scope" artists and collectors. At the May 1998 meeting of the society in Orlando, Florida, Cozy awarded our shop the first award presented to a dealer. Thus, the Kaleidoscope Shop at Briarcliff Village was a natural extension of a work begun many years ago. The storefront location closed in 2015, but we're still selling our beautiful wares online, and showcasing our goods at local events and festivals.

Celebrating Jan Boal

On January 16, 2013, at 82 years old, our own beloved Jan List Boal died after a courageous 3 year battle with leukemia. His health had been declining over the past week since he started chemotherapy again, but he was doing particularly poorly on the early morning of the 16th. He was rushed to the hospital, and he was surrounded by Bobby and his children Bob, Emily and Ginger when he passed away.

He lived such a full life, and though we mourn our loss, we see his life as a celebration. He loved learning, teaching, and experiencing the beauty of life, which overflowed into his and Bobby's beloved Kaleidoscope Shop. Jan loved his family and friends well, and he even loved strangers selflessly (and they didn't stay strangers for long).

We love you, Jan! (You can read his obituary in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.)

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Standing in front of the shopWith Governor Purdue and two othersWith Governor Franklin. The three of them are sitting at a table, and Jan and Bobby look on as the governor smiles in delight as she examines a kaleidoscope.Jan and Bobby at Christmastime, in the shop behind the counter with their two daughters, Emily with short hair in blue, and Ginger with long hair and a white sweater
Jan & Bobby in front of the Briarcliff shopFormer Governor Sonny PerdueFormer Mayor Shirley FranklinJan & Bobby with daughters Emily and Ginger

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