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Vintage Painted Rose kaleidoscope by Kay Winkler
Vintage Polyangular Tripod Kaleidoscope by Jerry Beall

Vintage Painted Rose kaleidoscope by Kay Winkler

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This vintage hand painted rose kaleidoscope by Kay Winkler comes from Bobby Boal's private collection. 2.5" diameter turning end dry cell. 10.5" long x 3.25" high x 1.25" wide.  Handpainted rose of sharon on both sides by Casi Marceron.
2 mirror, 12 point image. Signed and dated 1997.
Note: Vintage kaleidoscopes are acquired from personal collections or estates. Some may be rare or unusual, some may show signs of wear/love. All are beautiful scopes. We have listed the artist when known.  All are sold as is.


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