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Vintage Pink Stained Glass Kaleidoscope with Barrel object
Vintage Pink Stained Glass Scope with Barrel Object

Vintage Pink Stained Glass Kaleidoscope with Barrel object

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This vintage pre-owned  kaleidoscope by an unknown artist (we believe initials are JDW III) comes from Bobby Boal's private collection.  Triangular pink stained glass body with silver solder, ornate stained glass object barrel.  2 mirror, 8 point image, translucent 3rd side. Originally from Cozy Baker's private collection. 13" long, 3" x 3.5" barrel, Stands 6" high. 

Note: Vintage kaleidoscopes are acquired from personal collections or estates. Some may be rare or unusual, some may show signs of wear/love. All are beautiful scopes. We have listed the artist when known.  All are sold as is.


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