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Kaleidosphere II by Don Doak
Vintage Kaleidosphere II by Don Doak

Kaleidosphere II by Don Doak

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This vintage Kaleidosphere II by Don Doak comes from Bobby Boal's private collection. Closed edition of 15. 1993-1995. 24" L x 24" H. Table model of copper, wood & formica kaleidoscope in copper and black color. Small TV or display screen, and a video or DVD player (or cell phone) can be concealed in the black base. Uses a patented 18-mirror system.  Beautiful mahogany cabinetry enclosing a large tapered 3 mirror system that is focused on a 9" TV.  Sold without electronics. Not eligible for free shipping.

Note: Vintage kaleidoscopes are acquired from personal collections or estates. Some may be rare or unusual, some may show signs of wear/love. All are beautiful scopes. We have listed the artist when known.  All are sold as is.


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