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Battling Bottle Tops
Battling Bottle Tops

Battling Bottle Tops

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These old-fashioned Bottle Tops made from pop and soda caps will seemingly spin forever. That is, until your opponent spins his Bottle Top with the intent to crash yours! Up to 3 players can battle for Top supremacy! Decide the order of each spinner with Rock-Paper-Scissors.  Use a paper plate or similar shaped surface on which to spin the Bottle Tops. Player 1 spins their Bottle Top, then Player 2 and so on. The last Bottle Top standing is the winner of that round and gets 10 points. If two or more Bottle Tops crash out at the same time, re-spin all Bottle Tops for that round. Play 10 rounds - the player with the most points wins!  Made in the USA. Pack includes 3 Bottle Tops.


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