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Twinkle kaleidoscope by Bob Ade
Twinkle kaleidoscope by Bob Ade

Twinkle kaleidoscope by Bob Ade

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TWINKLE Limited Edition of 50. In 1996, we introduced the CRYSTAL STAR, a parlor scope featuring a star shaped three dimensional image with back lit internal lighting. TWINKLE is a hand held version. As with Crystal Star, the three dimensional image is like a piece of outer space; a star shaped object with an equator and inward curving longitudinal sections converging at north and south poles. The glass case is a glossy black (or white). 9 x 2 1/4 inch cylinder. Fused into the case are four dichroic glass star shapes emulating the image. A dry cell contains lampworked glass and dichroic glass which tumble in a turning end piece.


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