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Ice Flowers kaleidoscope by Bob Ade
Ice Flowers kaleidoscope by Bob Ade

Ice Flowers kaleidoscope by Bob Ade

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öICE FLOWERSö  is an Open Edition.                       

It is a rare treat to be able to enjoy natureÆs beautiful snowflake creations. Ice crystals of infinite variety form and can be examined if they land on something that will keep them from melting until they can be viewed by eye or with a magnifying glass. ôIce Flowersö allows the viewer to create their own infinite variety of delicate snowflakes without being out in the snow and cold.

The magic of polarizing filters and the birefringent material in the object cell result in colorful snowflakes that are a wonderful expression of kaleidoscopic art. The polarized pieces refract (bend) light passing through the object cell and just as light passing through a raindrop creates a rainbow, this material creates colors depending on its thickness and angle of the light passing through. All polarized kaleidoscopes produce better results if aimed toward a good light source.

The kaleidoscope case is a 2 ?ö x 9ö cylinder of slumped art glass with a lens and integral polarized object cell. The case is cradled in a matching kiln fused glass pedestal and base. 2 Mirror system, 8 point mandala, dry cell.


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