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Hanging Galileo Thermometer
hanging galileo thermometer

Hanging Galileo Thermometer

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The Galileo Thermometer is a unique instrument that tells the precise temperature, but is also a work of beauty and art. Invented by Galileo Galilei, this unique looking cylinder is filled with colorful spheres that float. They measure the correct temperature based on a fascinating scientific principal. Galileo discovered that spheres of different weights would rise or fall according to the temperature. Due to the fact that the liquids in the cylinder contract slightly at higher temperatures, the spheres rise and fall accordingly. In a Galileo Thermometer, the lowest floating sphere in the upper part of the cylinder tells the correct temperature. This Galileo thermometer stands 18" high; 10 spheres measure temperatures between 66 and 84 degrees Farenheit in 2 degree graduations.

This version has a 9" glass tube hanging from a 15" chrome display stand.

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