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Geometry 1 set of 4 kaleidoscopes by Davis
Geometry 1 set of 4 kaleidoscopes by Davis

Geometry 1 set of 4 kaleidoscopes by Davis

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This set of scopes by Davis comes from Cozy Baker's private collection. This set of 4 separate stained glass scopes contains: A triangular 3 mirror scope with a triangular "wheel" (6.5" high, 2.25" on a side); A square 4 mirror scope square "wheel" (6.5" high, 4" on a side) ; A round 2 mirror, 8 point scope with a round wheel (6" high, 2" diameter) ; and A tapered pyramidal 3D mirror scope (4.5" high, 4.25" on side at base, 2.5" on side at top)

From Cozy Baker's private collection. These kaleidoscopes are sold in "as is" condition. Some are in pristine condition, while others may have small imperfections or scratches on the exterior or interior due to many years of love and enjoyment. When feasible, repairs have been made. Some may be an early edition scope made by a now established artist. If you have questions about a particular Cozy kaleidoscope call us at 678-937-2673 or 1-877-525-3436.


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