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Cozy Collection

These kaleidoscopes come from Cozy Baker's private collection. Cozy was the "First Lady of Kaleidoscopes", the founder of the International Brewster Society. She began collecting in 1982, and before her death on Oct 19, 2010, she had built up a private collection of more than 1000 kaleidoscopes, perhaps the largest in the world. Her collection took up 10 rooms in her home. These kaleidoscopes are sold in "as is" condition. Some are in pristine condition, while others may have small imperfections or scratches on the exterior or interior due to many years of love and enjoyment. When feasible, repairs have been made. Some may be an early edition scope made by a now established artist. If you have questions about a particular Cozy kaleidoscope call us at 678-937-2673 or 1-877-525-3436.
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